Five Things We Learned Watching the 2015 Kids Choice Awards

Last Saturday was the 28th Annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. The longest running celebrity-sliming blimp-giving event on television, this year's installment was actually one of the most elaborate spectacles of all award show season this year. If you didn't catch the live Nick Jonas hosted broadcast or make it out to The Forum in Inglewood, we've got you covered and covered in slime. Here's Five Things We Learned From the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.


1) When It Comes to Music, Kids Really Like What They Like
I think what separates The Kids Choice Awards from other award shows is an entire theater full of screaming children. There's something kind of cool about that pre-teen unabashed zeal, and that came out both in the venue and in the kids-voted night's winners. Host Nick Jonas wound up winning favorite male singer while Fifth Harmony won Best New Artist. The other music awards weren't telecast, presumably because Favorite Music Group One Direction is still coping after member Zayn's departure, as well as Favorite Female Singer Selena Gomez and Favorite Song of the Year “Bang Bang's” singer Jessie J were also coping with Zayn leaving.

2) The Kids Choice Awards Have Reverse Product-Placement On Lock
We all complain about how every corporation from Taco Bell to Covergirl finds a way to pop up in the middle of award shows for some bizarre tie-in, but Nickelodeon has somehow managed to flip this into companies promoting their event in their commercials. From Nintendo to Toyota, a bevy of promotional spots were made just for the Kids Choice Awards broadcast.

3) Iggy Azalea Should Keep Her Performances Nick-Centric
Despite Azalea's rise over the past four years, one criticism that's remained the same is how underwhelming of a live performer she's always been. While her mic control and abilities to move the crowd haven't improved, directors of her on-air performances have tried to shoot around that with on-stage gimmicks, most notably her Saturday Night Live performance that literally used smoke and mirrors to distract viewers. The Kids Choice Awards, however, finally got it right with just non-stop props, as in literal props, for every frame she was onscreen. Joined by Jennifer Hudson for “Trouble,” Azalea constantly had on-stage dancers or jailhouse accessories or poodles to accessorize her rapping. Even the moments of Azalea rapping by her lonesome were shot through the excited hands of the crowd, adding to the biggest kids party vibe and making for Azalea's best televised on-stage performance to date.

4) Some Celebrities Still Talk to Kids How They Talked To Us Two Decades Ago
If you grew up watching The Kids Choice Awards, it's fun and kind of comforting to know that some faces stay the same. Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Adam Sandler and Nick Cannon all popped up and proved what made children smile 20 years ago still makes them smile today. Also on-hand were Favorite Movie Actress winner Emma Stone and Favorite Villain winner Angelina Jolie (in her first public appearance since her recent surgery) giving some downright inspirational advice to the kids of today.

5) And Some Songs Will Be Around Forever Too
Closing the show was beloved teenage punk band Five Seconds of Summer performing a slime-heavy cover of The Romantics' 1980 single “What I Live About You.” This is a song that, for whatever reason, has popped up all over kids movies and commercial for family-friendly attractions. I know this is exactly the type of manufactured reaction from those outside the target demographic who catch the broadcast that they want, but I don't care. It was a fun performance and a reminder how much things, especially kids, change, some things will be a slime-covered constant.

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