Five Red Flags Marc Anthony Missed From Jennifer Lopez Herself

There some people who are blinded by love, then there others who are addicted to it–sadly Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are each of these things, respectively.

Some were surprised when the pair announced their separation less than a week ago, mostly because the two were seen on just about every channel promoting their various endeavors from American Idol, to Gucci ads, and new dance tracks, all helmed by J.Lo.
However, they both are working on a new reality show called Q'Viva!, an American Idol-like show with a Latino spin, of course, and have vowed to continue to proceed with through their separation. Awkward!

So as we bid-adios to one of our favorite power couples (we wouldn't put it past them to pull this off as a publicity stunt, perhaps reconcile during their show launch), we sincerely ask Marc Anthony, how could you have missed the signs? (Yes, we are thinking this is all Lopez' doing considering her track record).

5. She's too sexy for her own good

Reports claim that Marc Anthony had issues with J.Lo's risqué wardrobe, saying “too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two.” Um, did he not see her wearing this unforgettable Versace dress she wore to the Grammy's back in 2000? He must have thought she would become somewhat demure, you know cause she's known for her acting and singing skills.

4. This dude, and every other dude in her videos!

Lopez has already married a previous back-up dancer (remember?), so we found it a little too coincidental that William Levy, the actor playing her love interest in her latest video split with his wife soon after the wrap of this video.

3. Marc Anthony was a rebound from Ben Affleck

Less than two months after Ben Affleck and J.Lo called off their engagement, she had already began dating Marc Anthony. From Ben, to Marc? We call bluff.

2. She titled her latest album Love? Seriously?

Even after seven years together, and having twins with Marc Anthony, you'd think she'd be a little more confident towards her feelings. She was quoted as telling DJ Skee, that she titled the album “Love?” because “Love is the most confusing thing in the world.” Point taken.

1. J.Lo wants to conquer the world, and Marc Anthony cannot stand in her wayr

Lets face it, J.Lo knows how to get far in life and in her career, so who needs this dude to hold her back? We all know who's the more talented of the two. Perhaps Marc Anthony said it best in his biggest, and only, cross over hit “I Need To Know”: “If it's true don't leave me/ All alone out here/ Wondering if you're ever/ Gonna take me there/ Tell me what you're feeling/'Cause I need to know/Girl you gotta let me know/Which way to go.” I think she's made it abundantly clear.

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