Five Reasons You Should Be Jealous of Our S.S. Coachella Trip

This weekend, the S.S. Coachella sets sails abroad the high seas on their inaugural luxury cruise. Following suit with other popular music cruises such as Holy Ship and Groove Cruise the S.S. Coachella leaves for the Bahamas this Sunday December 16th for four days and then to Jamaica for five days. Even though the lineup isn't as stellar as the legendary Coachella Valley Music Festival, we still can't wait to jump ship on this monumental voyage. Though we are anxious to catch some of the main acts such as Pulp, Yeasayer and Girl Talk there are more things we are looking forward to on this journey. We broke down the five top things we are most looking forward to make you seethe with envy.

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5. DJ Lessons
With all of the luxury amenities on this 1,000 foot, 122,000-ton ship filled with 2,800 music aficionados you can only imagine all of the countless activities and amenities to explore. One thing this EDM Diva is looking forward to however, is the DJ lessons from a “highly trained professional.” We are thinking it's probably from the veteran Z-Trip but it could just as easily be from KCRW's own Jason Bentley. Regardless the chance to reenact the epic scene from Titanic after getting DJ lessons sounds like something we can cross off on our bucket list and a must do on the cruise.

4. Luxury
We don't really get what all of the hype is behind Sleigh Bells, but what we are looking forward to is getting our nails done by her personal manicurist who does some kick ass nail designs. Ria Lopez is the nail tech to New York City's elite and her designs are artistically out of this world. Add that to all of the amenities such as massages, aromatherapy and mani/pedis and we couldn't think of a better way to spend the holidays abroad a luxurious cruise liner.


3. Boozin'
Yes we think getting down to Grimes and Tokimonsta could be the highlight of our weekend, but besides seeing the artist we are most looking forward to a pub crawl through the ship's finest bars with The Black Lips. There's nothing like meeting new fellow shipmates and bumping elbows with dope artists to put you in the boozin' mood. The pub crawl will not only give us the chance to explore the the ship with all of it's exquisite restaurants and bars, but it will also give us a chance to get drunk with one of our favorite bands. What could be better?

2. Seeing Bands on Grass…Literally
Though the lineup may not be a favorite of most, we can't wait to check out acts like The Rapture or Simian Mobile Disco which we haven't seen live in over five years. The ship comes complete with a Silhouette Theater, Pool Deck and Sky Lounge boasting live acts and DJs up until 4am. They even have a half acre of grass. You can't really do Coachella properly without the grass and with enough bands to reenact our teenage years we think it's something to look forward too.


1. Bikinis in December
In the end what it comes down to is spending three full days on the high seas and in the Bahamas while enjoying an eclectic selection of music. The rest of America will be weathering the winter while we get to set sail on a top of the line cruise liner filled with music, luxury amenities, tropical beach destinations and did we mention bikinis in December? The price tag maybe a tad steep and we know this cruise isn't meant for everyone, but if you get the opportunity to join us we think this freshman effort on the S.S. Coachella might be the time of your life!

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