Five Reasons to You Might Watch to Chris Brown at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Saturday, Despite the Douchebaggery

Although it may feel like Chris Brown has been on his F.A.M.E. tour for forever and a day, that's really only because it went to Australia and Canada before it even started in the States. The concert series already hit SoCal last Oct. 20, but it's finally coming to a close with its second to last show tomorrow at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.
Kelly Rowland's not listed on the bill anymore, but Compton rapper Tyga and auto-tune king T-Pain are still in tow for the show.
Why would you watch the alleged girlfriend-beater and handicapped spot-parker in concert, you ask? We hear Brown's live act is so good, it'll have the hold outs ready to both forgive Chris Brown for his past transgressions (and lackluster showing for his Fan Appreciation tour in '09) and jump back on the Team Breezy bandwagon.
After the jump, a few things Breezy can do to win extra brownie points:
1. Rap! Brown is obviously going to dance and sing his socks off but can we hear some verses off his mixtape Boy in Detention too? Can Breezy hold his own without the slow winding and crooning? Is he just as convincing as a lyricist? We need to know!

2. Pull some stunts! Now that he's raised the bar with his high-flying “Beautiful People” performance at the MTV VMAs he can't let us down. We need to see something that involves security harnesses… even if it's just for that dance he did on the rotating platforms back in the day for the “Take You Down” video.

Chris Brown MTV VMA Live from Albert on Vimeo

3. Take us to Paris! Jackson, that is. At the L.A. show MJ's daughter Paris and her friends filled out the front row with their matching outfits. Since we missed it, we're hoping she'll prove her fanaticism by showing up for an encore.

4. Bring out The Biebz! We know he's going through a lot right now but we're thinking that he's going to need a release. Besides, what would please a room full of teenage to early twentysomething girls more than some unexpected Bieber Time? Oh yeah and if he comes, he has to rap too (this singer-turned-rapper thing trend is as alluring and mind-bending as dogs dressed up as cats for Halloween).

5. Leave on a high note! Don't close the show with “Deuces” …that's a major cheese ball move and as such, this action will negate all points earned in any other categories.

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