Five Reasons to Worship Queen, Thanks to the Docu 'Queen Days of Our Lives: The Definitive Documentary of the World's Greatest Rock Band'

Queen Days of Our Lives: The Definitive Documentary of the World's Greatest Rock Band

After vetting the new two part Queen rockumentary produced by the BBC (now out on DVD from Eagle Rock Entertainment) I learn things about the band that give me five reasons to worship at the chipped Queen altar all over again:


5. They were not batshit crazy: Hovering over the nadir of poverty and debt the
band self finance a massively overdubbed six-minute long rock opera. Yep, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
Even Elton John says what the hell were you thinking? Radio won't go
near this dog.

4. Freddie Mercury's sexuality was a mystery only to his band mates.
He came out to their manager way back in the 70s. “Freddie took to the
gay scene in New York like David Attenborough making a wildlife
documentary,” says music critic Paul Gambaccini.

3. When punks start bashing Queen for their ostentatious arena ham
the band fights back
. Mercury turns to faux ballet and the wearing of
leotards on stage and Queen release their most arrogant track to date:
“We Are the Champions.”

2. “Another One Bites the Dust” makes it to the top of American pop
charts based on urban radio play
. Even after their massive rise and fall
in American popularity there are still some programmers in 1980 who
actually think Queen are a black unit.

1. That guy on bass: if you never liked John Deacon or any of his
songs like “Another One Bites the Dust,” “You're My Best Friend,” and so
on, not to worry. All but left out of the biopic, Deacon is referred
to occasionally but never interviewed during the entire two hours.

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