Five Memorable Hip-Hop Mardi Gras Moments

With one of the most solemn days of the year, Ash Wednesday, coming up in a mere 24 hours, those of us who are practicing Catholics, and the Catholic at heart, spend today as Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday.” A day of indulging before fasting, if you're looking for an ultimate list of tunes to get you grooving while you're consuming, we've got you covered. Here's our picks for Five Memorable Hip-Hop Mardi Gras Moments.

Crash Crew – “Breakin' Bells (Take Me to Mardi Gras)” 1985
Bob James' “Take Me to Mardi Gras” break is one of the most distinctive and instantly recognizable cuts in hip-hop. Sampled countless times, most famously in Run DMC's “Peter Piper,” it's most flagrant use was in underrated rap pioneers Crash Crew's “Breakin' Bells (Take Me to Mardi Gras).” Plus, given what a huge group The Crash Crew were, we're certain at least one member will be throwing the type of Mardi Gras party you would want to get down with. If you're looking for an old school jam to set your party off right, this is it.


A Tribe Called Quest featuring Rah Digga – “Mardi Gras at Midnight” 1997
Produced by J. Dilla (do we have your attention now?) this little known cut from a little know between-album A Tribe Called Quest EP features a guest verse from the perpetually underrated Rah Digga. Taking shots at the “Crackers at Time Warner,” as well as “showing all you motherfuckers how we mardi gras,” it's everything smooth to get you loosened up into a partying mood.

Camp Lo – “Luchini” 1997
Look up “Luchini” in the dictionary and the definition will read – “(n.) 1) It is it 2) It falls from the sky.” We at the Weekly will gladly take any opportunity possible to discuss the classic 1997 Camp Lo single “Luchini,” and lucking the line “Sensations at the Mardi Gras be screamin' Chee-ba” gives us that opportunity. A welcome addition to any Mardi Gras, or any playlist really, this is it. Beads are falling from the sky, alongside the Luchini. Let's get Mardi Gras.

Mac Dre – “Get Stupid” 2003
The late Mac Dre was both a key innovator of the hyphen movement and a Bay Area rap icon. Among his most beloved cuts was Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics' “Get Stupid,” a song so infections that it shows the appeal of Mac Dre to the whole family. As the above clip shows, Hyphy doesn't come with an age limits. We gonna get it crackin' like a Mardi Gras. Yadadamean?

Juvenile – “Mardi Gras” 2012
One of the most consistent MCs of all time, Juvenile's been putting out quality New Orleans bounce-infused hip-hop since the early 90s. He's still making boundary-pushing club music, as recently as 2012 putting out the title track to his Mardi Gras mixtape. Being he's represented New Orleans as long as anyone in the rap game has, when he repeats “Mardi Gras,” we're certain he knows what he's talking about.

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