Five Funny People We'd Like To Give Thanks To This Memorial Day

While Memorial Day isn't a laughing matter, it has been said that laughter is the best medicine. There are several comics that have actually served in the military to fight for our freedom and have then traveled to entertain our troops and try to take their minds off the war if at all possible. It is proof that the tradition that legendary comic Bob Hope started has no end in sight. That being said, we'd like to highlight a five comics that no doubt also entertained the troops while having the balls when it was their time to serve. To all that have served and are still serving, we genuinely thank you and wish you a speedy trip home. 


Drew Carey served for six years in the U.S. Marine Corps and gives back by traveling to places like Iraq and Singapore bringing his energy, spirit, and hilarity. He has also brought along some notable friends to spread the love like Jeffrey Ross, Jessica Simpson, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Really, he's like a modern day Bob Hope. Thank you, Drew.


Ron White's time in the US Navy might have given him some great material and while we are grateful to Ron for his services, we now grateful for the laughs he brings us. He has a passion for giving back and does frequently with his Salute to the Troops tours that help to benefit the Armed Forces Foundation. Thank you, Ron.

Sinbad served in the US Air Force and while he was subsequently discharged, he gives respect by entertaining the U.S. troops with USO tours to tell his jokes and give thanks. And speaking of Sinbad…where has that guy been lately? We'd like to thank him!

Paul Rodriguez not only served our US Air Force, he also had the opportunity to attend college on a GI Bill. Rodriguez clearly understands the importance of giving a few laughs to the men and women serving our country through USO shows, and for that, we thank him.

Bill Cosby served in the Navy for four years traveling all over and also used his GI Bill benefits to attend college. He continued his “good-doing” long into his comedic career not only bringing us what seems to be a lifetime of laughs, but laughs to the troops as well. Thank you, Mr. Cosby.

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