Five Essential Green Jellÿ Videos

Aside from Weird Al, successful comedy rock acts are a rarity, with most vanishing quickly and leaving only an abandoned Youtube channel as proof of their existence. Green Jellÿ is an exception. Known for their inventive Claymation videos, the band's 1992 debut went gold while their second earned a Grammy video nomination in 1995.

Green Jellÿ is also one of the most sued bands in history, enduring lawsuits from the Kellogg Company for their Cereal Killer video, which depicted the murder of the Trix Rabbit, and Kraft Foods, who objected to the band's original name, Green Jello.

When Green Jellÿ bandleader Bill Manspeaker is not fending off nuisance lawsuits, he's touring with his current version of the band, which appears Saturday at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. One of the first acts to release videos and music bundled together, Green Jellÿ has always used the visual medium to portray an alternate reality that rarely makes sense to the sober but proves oddly compelling to loyal fans. Here's five of their videos worth checking out.


5. Misadventures of Shitman

This video tells the story of a superhero made of human feces. We never called Green Jellÿ tasteful, did we?

4. Orange Krunch

We think Insane Clown Posse borrowed their entire schtick from the scene that begins around 1:30.

3. Slave Boy

This is the only parody of the B-52s known to exist. Amusingly, it is better than any real songs by the B-52s.

2.The Bear Song

The zombie soldier puppet that appears at 0:55 looks suspiciously like Lou Reed.

1.Three Little Pigs

Anyone with a pulse and basic cable subscription in 1993 saw this on MTV at least 4,000 times that summer. Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan provides the voice of the pig.

Green Jellÿ perform with Clepto, Kings of Carnages and many more at the Doll Hut, Saturday, January 10. Doors open at noon. $10. 21+

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