Five Disturbing Halloween Party Foods

So you got bit by a zombie on All Hallow's Eve? Bummer. Especially with guests coming over for your party. Well, while you wait for that undead buzz to kick in, make these disturbing party foods that'll leave your guests wondering if you're just wearing awesome zombie makeup or something more sinister is going on with you.


5. Zombie Head Cheese

zombie head cheese

What's that? You were a vegan before you got bitten? Well, there's no such thing as a vegan zombie. If you don't crave brains right away, you'll at least want to start with dairy. Made with Wisconsin cheddar, the cheese-dip skull from is the gateway meat for your budding brain-cravings, dontcha know?

4. Mummy Cold Cut Skull

mummy  meat skull

What's a cheese platter without some charcuterie to go with it? has the meat-wrapped mummy skull to pair with your Wisconsin cheese-head.

3. Meat Hand

meat hand

Not Martha has your entree handy. A meatloaf hand, complete with burned-cheese “skin” and onions to simulate fingernails and wrist-bone.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Jello Shots

G&T jelly

Did you know quinine, the key ingredient in tonic water, glows under a black light? Since you've a skull theme going, pick up a skull-shaped cake mold and make gin and tonic jello skull.

Ask ABC Cake Supply in Orange or Classic Cake Decorations in Garden Grove if they have any skull-shaped cake molds left in stock.

1. The Baby Cake

For dessert? It's what might happen if a well-meaning zombie with poor English comprehension brings a cake to a baby shower. Youtube user dangentle has a video tutorial on making the eerily realistic baby cake right here. Warning: Possibly NSFW, and don't watch if you're easily freaked out.

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