Five Crowns Retools Menu In Time For 50th Anniversary

Five Crowns is part of Lawry's, and for that reason it'll always be synonymous with prime rib. When Ryan Wilson went in a few years ago to revamp the bar, SideDoor became the first gastropub in the county, setting the standard for everyone after. It's still one of our preferred watering holes to grab a bite and pint.

The success of SideDoor paired with the 50th anniversary of Five Crowns prompted additional change in their primary space, as a new menu was launched late last month. A selection of seafood, small plates and new dishes overall means guests don't feel pressured to order primarily beef– not that anything's wrong with that! You simply have a greater variety to choose from.


One of the more notable sections is a group of small plates, chock full of bites including seared Hokkaido scallops alongside persimmon relish. Their Soups & Greens fare feature a beet and strawberry salad plus fromage blanc. Vegetable options abound with the likes of roasted cauliflower in brown butter sauce.

Dishes featuring classic recipes from the 90s are making a comeback with filet Neptune, an 8-ounce cut topped with Bearnaise, asparagus and lump crab. A Farm, Field & Sea section introduces an American Kobe burger, but we gravitated to a grilled ribeye. The only plate with dual pricing, diners can decide between a 12 or 26-ounce cut of beef. Go big or go home, people!

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