First Look: Stacked In Huntington Beach

We could try to sell you on the fancy iPad ordering devices at each table. Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re the first in the chain to serve daily breakfast. However, the best thing about Stacked is their positive attitude towards special requests. It’s what the brand is based on. Add, subtract, pile on a bunch of stuff that only makes sense to you. It doesn’t matter. Order it exactly how you want it, with no issues from the kitchen.

Open to the public since Monday, Stacked: Food Well Built is full steam ahead. All hands were on deck last week, as controlled crowds tested staff in their training stage. We gave the iPad to our dining companion, who customized their salad by removing the protein, including a side of jicama plus a ramekin of dressing they wanted to try. We checked out a chorizo, black bean and egg burrito of modest heft. That was a good thing, since our favorite turned out to be a pastrami flatbread with not-too-spicy brown mustard. Food and drink came out as it was ready, meaning you can browse appetizers while your drink order is prepared, or select dessert while you eat a main course, and so forth.
Stuff we want to return for include an outdoor patio, dual happy hours (late nite is from 9 to close, Sunday through Thursday) and pancakes rumored to be damn good. And if you’ve read this far, know that they accept pre-orders for dining in, PLUS a call ahead option to be added to the wait list. If iPads are not your friend, they’ll even do traditional tableside ordering if you ask. Sheesh. Talk about accommodating.

Stacked: Food Well Built is located at 7490 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, (657) 845-2100;

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