Firkfest Cask Beer Fiesta Comes to Anaheim June 29th

Get your Firk on!

Firkfest, Orange County’s only cask beer festival, is back and it’s bringing a whole new twist to everything nachos, fiesta, and beer! So whip out your beach chairs and grab your best adventure companions and head straight over to Firkfest 2019!

Firkfest was first brought about by founder and owner Greg Nagel’s (Full disclosure: Nagel is a writer for this rag)  love for beer and its brewing technique.

“Years ago, I was at a beer fest where Noble Ale Works had a special release cask of Naughty Sauce and I remember seeing a line of at least fifty people waiting to get a small pour…I was like, what if there was a festival that had only cask beers?” Nagel says.

Over the years, Nagel and his wife, Erin, have watched Firkfest blossom into the much-beloved cask beer festival it is today. Held at the Farmer’s Park, Firkfest highlights local restaurants and breweries for guests from all around to enjoy and explore.

“Having the festival down the street from my house in Anaheim at the Packing District is cool to bring people to my hood to show it’s not all Disney,” says Nagel.

This year, Nagel and his wife have decided to spice things up with Firkfest featuring a fiesta and nacho-fest theme.  Of course, the highlighted food item will be nachos across the board, but, they are like no other you have tasted before.

Headlining the festival’s food includes chefs Shachi Mehra from Adya, Heritage Barbecue’s Daniel Castillo, and Peter Lai of the Iron Press . You can expect bites like a vegan tikka masala nacho with jackfruit and a classic-style nacho plate simply dressed with house-made cheese, all of which Nagel is ecstatic to include on Firkfest’s menu.

As for the breweries, guests will definitely not be at a loss of choices. Asylum Brewery, Bottle Logic, El Segundo Brewing, and Mikellar San Diego are just a few of the stellar breweries gracing the Firkfest grounds this year. Each brewer is bringing their own unique drink and beer concoctions that both the beer connoisseur and the drink novice are sure to enjoy.

“I hand pick the area’s best breweries from the Central Coast down to San Diego… It’s like they try to one-up each other [every year]!” Nagel says.

This year’s Firkfest, while filled to the brim with lots of new beer and food offerings, will remain true to its low-key atmosphere and relaxed setting. Firkfest will be capping the event so guests can expect short lines and comfortable, open space. Guests are welcome to bring chairs and blankets to spread out during the festival alongside the boardwalk featuring the star breweries.

For ticket information and event details, check out Firkfest’s website here. See you there!


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