Finger Pointer [Hey, You!]

Illustration by Bob Aul

You were the driver with eyeglasses, black hair and a backward black ballcap featuring a bird-crap-shaped silver logo. A silver Acura began to drift into your lane—yes, that was fucked-up—and you totally overreacted. After that driver course corrected, you stepped on the gas, changed lanes to position your white Honda Accord in front of the Acura, braked and nearly caused an accident, moved over one lane to let your target catch up to you, rolled down your window, stuck your left hand out, then pointed as if your hand were a gun and pulled the fake trigger. The other driver froze in fear, especially when you fumbled around as if looking for a real gun before hurling a gum wrapper at the Acura. Just know that had you induced any more terror, a trailing SUV was ready to ram you into a drainage ditch.

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