Final Week To Catch Sushi Dave At Venetian Gentleman's Club!

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Bad because where else can Sushi Dave oh so appropriately use his catchphrase “Hot women and cold fish. See you tonight. Osssssss.” Yet it's good, since he's migrating South for the foreseeable future. Let us elaborate.

Back when we first visited (and subsequently interviewed) David Fernandez for On the Line last year, it was apparent he was destined for greater things. A hard-working entrepreneur, Dave was already creating, bottling and marketing his own brand of roasted jalapeno sauce. That was in addition to his dimly lit corner on the second floor of the Venetian.


The combination of seafood and lap dances was a winner, making for one of the tougher bar stools to covet over the weekend. A change of pace from his days at downtown Fullerton's NOA Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar, this investment was a pretty good gig. Yet somewhere between the thumping dance music and limited seating, Sushi Dave missed his loyal clientele based out of Newport Beach. He talked about eventually heading back in that direction.

Well that time is now. Beginning Tuesday, October 1, Fernandez returns to another of his previous stomping grounds: Ten Asian Bistro as Executive Sushi Chef. And yes, he will still be cutting fish (You better, or we're sending it back!). That gives you exactly five days to get your ass to Anaheim for another salmon lime roll. Better get some zzzs, Dave. We sense a memorable farewell party this weekend.

Sushi at The Venetian Gentleman's Club is located at 1421 N State College Blvd, (657) 859-9647.

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