Final Monday Night Residency: Fever the Ghost

It is with heavy hearts and soggy livers that we preview the final Monday Night Residency at Detroit Bar. The Costa Mesa music institution closes this month (for an indefinite length of time, to be reopened as a gastropub with live music, so the rumor goes), and with it concludes a chapter of the local music scene's history. Honored to headline the final MNR is Fever the Ghost, an experimental rock outfit who just released their debut EP, Crab in Honey on LA label Complicated Game last month. A fitting farewell to the best local residency in OC (and a dependably decent Monday night excursion), Fever the Ghost is perfectly of-the-moment: intellectual, deep, beautifully androgynous, spastic and enigmatic. Looks like our Monday nights are limited to watching Real Housewives for the foreseeable future.

Mon., Feb. 10, 9 p.m., 2014

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