Fight the War Against the War on Drugs

Protest the failing war on drugs at noon on Friday, Sept. 29, at the Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

Yesterday in Modesto the DEA raided the California Healthcare Collective, a medicinal marijuana dispensary.

From the Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a pro-medipot NPO:

The Modesto medical cannabis dispensary California Healthcare Collective (CHC) was raided Wednesday by a task force made up of local and federal agents. Law enforcement conducting the raid included the Modesto Police Department (MPD), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Police allegedly seized 60 pounds of dried marijuana, 30 pounds of edibles, two pounds of hashish, $16,000 in cash, two vehicles, and multiple firearms, in the raid on the dispensary. In addition to the dispensary, police raided the homes of multiple dispensary staff. According to local news, a total of seven search warrants were issued.

Those arrested include two operators and two staff. Generally, dispensary staff volunteer their time in exchange for free medicine. All face life in prison for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.

Modesto initiated a ban on dispensaries in December 2005; however, the banning ordinance contains a provision allowing for non-profit groups to exist. CHC claims to be just such a non-profit. Regardless, the City of Modesto and the DEA worked together to bring down this dispensary. As a result, ASA is organizing statewide protests. Our own Ronald Reagan Federal Building in beautiful downtown Santa Ana will host its own gathering of those willing to stand in support of the Modesto Four, organized by local boy Adam G.

“It's a joke,” says Adam. “The DEA had no business being there. Patients are testifying it was a clean operation. They went to see their doctor for a recommendation to pursue alternative therapy that is legal in this state. Just like acupuncture. Just like aromatherapy.” In fact, Adam and ASA believe this move further jeapordizes marijuana patients, many of whose lives are already at risk. “Right now patients in Modesto are suffering,” says Adam. “They're forced to go elsewhere to get their meds, either far afield or to the black market—which is dangerous. You can't trust anyone; you could get robbed. Who's suffering? The terminally ill. Patients with chronic pain.”


1) Attend the protest at Ronald Reagan Federal Building, 411 W. Fourth Street, Santa Ana, tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 29) at 12 noon. CLICK HERE FOR MAP

2) Print out fliers with information on the Modesto raid to distribute at the event (or just around) – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FLIER

3) Call Adam at (949) 315-1097 or email ad*********@gm***.com to help make signs. If you're making your own signs, Adam recommends “nothing profane. Nothing illegal. Pro-medical marijuana, stop the drug war, keep the DEA out of our lives, leave the sick and dying alone. Stuff like that.”

Tetrahydrocannabinol - that's my medicine too. Whenever I go out, the people always shout...

Make Signs, Not War

“For the last 50 years people have been sitting on their asses because they're afraid of the Federal Government. People need to get tuned in and get out there to protest; they don't understand that the power is with the people, not the politicians. The quicker people get up and do something, the quicker something happens.”

–Adam G., Americans for Safe Access

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