Fiction Book Group: Mama Day

Thanks to Barnes and Noble for keeping book groups alive—and saving us the awkward attempt of organizing a literary circle among our creepy neighbors. Several times a month, the mega-chain's HB branch hosts groups to cover several genres: Sci-Fi and fantasy, banned books, mystery, and fiction. Tonight's discussion centers on the 1989 fiction novel Mama Day by Gloria Naylor. American Horror Story: Coven fans missing their weekly dose of hoodoo, pay extra attention—in this story, we meet Mama Day, the ruling presence of Willow Springs, a small island off the coast of Georgia, inhabited entirely by the descendants of former slaves. When Mama Day's great-niece comes to visit from New York, the dark powers of the island start to affect her. Come share in a discussion about this tale rich in culture, true love, and potent magic. New members always welcome.

Mon., Feb. 17, 7 p.m., 2014

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