TheSandlot2. (United States) David Mickey Evans directs this unexpected sequel to the family comedy that had a bunch of frightened kids squaring off against a dog that was half the size of New Jersey and twice as ill-tempered.

Pelicanman(Pelikaanimies). (Finland) Liisa Helminen's family film chronicles the comic adventures of a boy, a girl and a pelican in a land where reality and fantasy blur.

TreasureIslandKids:TheBattleofTreasureIsland. (New Zealand/United Kingdom) It's up to the kids to save their summer camp from a villainous takeover in Gavin Scott's film. Preceded by Save-Ums:OperationBeatPoetryParty!, another in the ongoing episodes of the pint-sized problem solvers. (The problem solvers are pint-sized, not the problems.)

FromSketchbooktoBigScreen:AnAnimationExtravaganzawithTrevorRomain. Best-selling kids' author/illustrator Trevor Romain is the featured guest at the West Coast premiere of HowtoDoHomeworkWithoutThrowingUpand BulliesareaPainintheBrain, two animated short films based on his books.

ShortsforShorties. A collection of short films for the little ones, including Jeff Wadlow's CatchingKringle, a contemporary, animated Santa Claus tale featuring the voices of Danny Devito, John Rhys-Davies and Larry King.

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