Feeding People at the Detroit Bar Last Night

Feeding People with Jupilar and California Condors
September 19, 2011
Detroit Bar

On the third night of their Detroit Bar residency, California Condors
brought in Jupilar, an experimental band that sounds like Mogwai but
with more aggressive vocals and Feeding People, an incredibly young hard-driving doomy
psychedelic band who just put out one of my favorite records of
2011–and not just because you can get it on cheddar yellow vinyl. These
kids managed to overcome the Detroit Bar's shitty sound system and
eclipse both the other opener and the resident band to play the most
exciting set of the evening.


Fronted by Nic Rachman on guitar and Jessie Jones on lead vocals, Feeding People is a band of mostly teenagers playing some of the heaviest psychedelic around. Rachman and Jones–who met at Sunday School when they were just 13 years old–started out playing OC coffee houses before landing at Burger Records, where they filled out their sound with drummer Mike Reinhart, bassist Louis Filliger and organist Jane Reich, and released their long-sold out cassette. After playing only a couple shows, Feeding People found themselves at storied electronic music club Low End Theory, where they became the second band ever to share the stage with resident DJs Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Nocando and surprise guest Thom Yorke.

They recently released their debut LP Peace, Victory & The Devil–produced by Chris Alfaro (Free the Robots/The Crosby) and recorded by Reinhart in a walk-in closet–which they celebrated last Thursday at the Continental Room with Burger buddies Davila 666, Audacity, and Death Hymn #9. Last night, they played a short set of Peace, Victory & The Devil tracks, “Big Mother” as centerpiece. With “Big Mother,” Jones makes her mark as a wild force of nature as she bellows “You can't see but it's clear/you can't breathe in here/your lungs will seize with air/but you can't leave from here” with the raw power of Grace Slick. “Big mother ain't like no other ain't no other like Big Mother.”

Recently signed to Highland Park's Innovative Leisure, Feeding People join the ranks of R&B purist–and Huntington Beach native–Nick Waterhouse and garage rock revivalist Hanni El Khatib. They play El Khatib's record release show on the 26th at the Echo–don't miss out on a chance to catch top OC talent for free.
Personal Bias: FP is one of my favorite new bands, and I've interviewed Feeding People a couple times now.

The Crowd: Small but really into the band.

Random Notebook Dump:
Reinhart's paintings are incredible–check out the cover art for Feeding People's LP, featuring a pink lady with wild red hair and blue nipples, and the three-eyed man on his drums.

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