Famous Musicians Immortalized By OC Tattoo Artists

If you like a band, you purchase their album. If you really like a band, you attend their show. But if you really, really like a band, you get a tattoo of the lead singer’s face on your arm.

It must be equal parts creepy and flattering for a musician to experience this level of fandom. Unfortunately, nearly all of the musicians featured here have passed away, but their images live on (for as long as their host does) in the form of an artistic tribute and badge of honor that doubles as a conversation piece.

We can tell a lot about a person by their tattoos, and we can tell the following people have good taste in music and tattoo artists, since all tattoos were inked by some of OC’s finest tattooists:

Jimi Hendrix once said “music is a safe kind of high;” the same can be said about tattoos. 

Imaginative interpretation of John Lennon’s iconic ‘Imagine’ cover.

How awesome would it be if Henry Rollins got a tattoo of this person that showed their tattoo of Rollins and his tattoos?! 

Once upon a time, Mark Wahlberg had a tattoo of Bob Marley… and now he doesn’t. 

Sid Vicious: not a model citizen a mother would want tattooed on her son.

We love the old skool pinup style of this Amy Winehouse caricature.

Surprisingly, Keith Richards is the only musician featured on this list who is still living.

Elvis may not have had any tattoos, but this lad sure does!

Too soon, we know. But this tattoo was done while Bowie was still alive, so settle down! 

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