Falling Down

You're the guy who told me to “calm down; you're freakin' everyone out” after I explained to your friend he needs to go get checked by a physician because I witnessed him have a seizure at Perq's in downtown Huntington Beach. This person passed out and fell forward into a corner of the bar so that only his lower body was exposed when a few other patrons and I jumped up to help him out. Once I was close enough to see him, he was clearly in full seizure. After a few seconds of starting to clear things away from him, he came to and popped up a little embarrassed and didn't understand what had happened and didn't know for how long he was down. Oh, and he didn't know he had sustained a small puncture wound to the side of his head on his way to “lights out.” The wound stopped bleeding quickly, and there really wasn't much blood. All the while, you didn't move an inch. You didn't even get off your barstool. However, you had the nuts to tell me I should calm down. I guess, as a student to become a nurse, I should not be surprised as I was at your insolence and the lack of compassion for others you displayed. I will not stop caring for someone I don't know nor ever expect to see again. If I were the guy who experienced that health issue and I examined your attitude and actions—or, rather, lack thereof—I would begin to distance myself from this “friend” with such little care for me when in need. I truly hope your “friend” is all right and has nothing more than a strange incident to recall. As for you, keep in mind I have a ridiculous memory for faces and will remember what a great “friend” you were. I hope you end up in my emergency room when I am there, with something that hurts real bad. Don't worry: I'll treat you with the same compassion and concern I had for your friend's well-being, not because I will be obligated to by way of hippocratic oath, but because I just am made that way. Good luck keeping up that wonderful “hell with you; every man for himself” attitude. It should serve you real well until . . .

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