Facebook: 455 Say No to Legalization, “Like” No on Prop 19

Who is behind the opposition to November's ballot proposal of Proposition 19, legalizing, controlling, and taxing cannabis?

Well, at a minimum, a whopping 455 supporters on Facebook and the grand total of 77 following on Twitter. Combined, that's roughly 75% of my graduating high school class. 

That's about 0.45% of the total population of Costa Mesa.

To put it in perspective, advocates of Yes on 19 have garnered 151,348 Facebook “likes,” and have a following of 3,158 on Twitter.

Admittedly, just
how relevant of a public-opinion barometer social networking sites can be is highly debatable. Will 151,348 show up to the polls on Nov. 2
merely because they tepidly “like” the cause on Facebook?

and No on 19 have run a similar cyber-campaign: both tout
self-affirming statistics and polls, both list dozens of sympathetic
public officials throughout the state, both promise a safe, stable

But opposition forces are yet to spark a flame in the online community with more than a handful of supporters.

According an April 2010 SurveyUSA poll, though, the disparity in public opinion is not as colossal as it seems.

According to the survey, 56% of Californian citizens support the legalization of marijuana and 42% are opposed.

Until “No on 19” can conjure up some form of remedy for their ailing online support, legalization-opponents must hope that social networking sites aren't a quintessential resource in modern politics. 

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