Face Cleanser Face-Off!

So I didn't realize I was missing something from my medicine cabinet bursting with crap: There were the toners, the eye creams, the serums, the SPF, the night cream, the pore minimizers, the facial cleansers, the makeup removers . . . and now? Now: The Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.

No, no, that's what it's really called.

Similar to the much-acclaimed Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System, the Olay Pro-X is a battery-powered device that washes your face . . . which sounds pretty fucking indulgent and unnecessary, but stay with me here. Your skin will glow, and your face will feel cleaner than it has ever felt before, despite the different soaps, oils and face washes you subject yourself to on a daily basis.

While both the Clarisonic and Olay models claim to exfoliate; minimize pores, reduce oily patches, dry areas and blemishes; reduce wrinkles and lines; and soften skin, there's one tiny difference: The Clarisonic will set you back $150 to $200, while the Olay will cost you $30.

And it'll only add a little more time to your daily skin regimen: Dampen skin, then dampen brush head. Spread some cleanser (included with the Pro-X) on your face, turn on the cleansing brush, and scrub your face for 60 seconds. Rinse, and you're done—and yes, you can bring the device into the shower with you. The brush head is replaceable ($10), and it's recommended you switch them out every three to four months, just like your toothbrush.

There are a few differences other than the drastically contrasting price points: The Olay model is made for use with face washes with those tiny exfoliating granule beads, while the Clarisonic limits users to non-granule cleansers—probably due to its stronger motor. The Clarisonic charges on a stand (similar to electric toothbrushes), while the Olay uses two double-A batteries, making it a bit more travel-friendly. So go forth and purchase, friends. I'm sure there's room in that cabinet somewhere.

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This column appeared in print as “Face Cleanser Face-Off!”

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