EXCLUSIVE: Weezer Cover Boy Jorge Garcia Gives Us His Top Five Weezer Songs

On Monday, Weezer dropped the news that Jorge Garcia, more recently known 

“I'm excited to know that the people in the music stores that I used to work at will soon be opening boxes full of my smiling face,” Garcia said when he first saw the album cover that is just a close up photo of his face. The idea came to front man, Rivers Cuomo, after meeting the very charming Jorge backstage at the George Lopez show last May.
Check out Jorge's top five Weezer songs and why he likes them after the jump.

5. “Buddy Holly”
“The first Weezer song I heard and really dug, and still the best use of 'wee-ooos' in any song to date.”

4. “(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To”
“The video is hilarious and the hook hooked me.”

3. “Pink Triangle”

“A great story song and it always puts a smile on my face.”

2. “Beverly Hills

“Hearing a crowd of people singing along to this at their live show made me fall in love with it.”

1. “Hash Pipe

“The guitar riff is like Peter Gunn times a thousand!”

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