Ex-Congressman Drops Facebook Friendship with Orly Taitz; Who's Next?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported last week that Orly Taitz–the Laguna Niguel dentist who famously claims that Barack Obama isn't eligible for the office he holds–lost one of her Facebook friends recently. On Thursday, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal shed his social-networking ties with Taitz “within minutes of finding out who she was.”

Which is funny, because Deal is the congressman who has been perhaps the most friendly to the birthers.


It's also funny because Taitz has had a habit for a while now of proclaiming on her blog about all the politicians and famous people who has become her friend on Facebook. Examples: Sarah Palin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Glenn Beck, and, “surprisingly,” Alec Baldwin. Just the other day, she penned a post about California state treasurer candidate and Orange County-based State Senator Mimi Walters confirming her friendship on Facebook. 
It appears that many of these figures are merely people she “liked” on Facebook. But there are some bona fide friends. Scrolling through the friends of her personal account, we find names like those of ex-OC Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt and disgraced Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose.

Why did Deal, who once sent a letter to the White House asking to see more documentation of the president's citizenship, cut Facebook ties with Taitz? Said a spokesman, “We are not friends with her.”

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