Everything Went Pink

Black Fag ponder the meaning of “Loose Nut.”

I wonder what Greg Ginn and Hank Rollins think about this: Black Fag, a “Mimosa Beach”-based Black Flag tribute band who cover their songs in a decidedly effeminate manner (“Jealouth Again,” anyone? And they turn “My War” into “My Wardrobe”). Well, the music's still pretty tough, but the vocals defiantly subvert Sir Henry's über-macho delivery.

Black Fag consist of Liberace Morris (vocals), Greg Streisand (guitar), Cher Dykeowski (bass) and Robo Simmons (drums). For some background, here's an old interview with Black Flag and a FAQ the band posted on their MySpace blog.

You can check out Black Fag—along with the Cute Lepers, Sun Trash and Prima Donna at Alex's Bar Sat. July 12.

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