Every Nerdy Reference in Goldfish's “We Come Together” Music Video

Clearly inspired by classic gaming, artist Mike Scott animated the music video for the South African band Goldfish's song, “We Come Together.” The video is saturated from beginning to end with video game and nerdy pop-culture references, and it's difficult to find a frame of animation that doesn't have some kind of homage to video games of the past. Some of these references are as clear as day, while some can only be appreciated by the most hardcore of gaming fans. Checking each and every frame of this video, we dissected every single possible video game reference within this music video. (Also: Watch the original video after the jump.)

  • The name “Goldfish” appears on the screen appears in a similar way as the “SEGA” logo. They even have a similar font!

  • “Copyright Fishytendo” at the bottom of the title screen is a play off of “Copyright Nintendo.”

  • The character on the right side of the screen dresses like Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros series

  • These cat-like creatures resemble Storm Troopers from Star Wars.

  • Goldfish's Dom Peters and David Poole catch a ride on what looks like a bike from Excitebike.

  • This underwater creature resembles Bub (or is it Bob?) from Bubble Bobble.

  • Peters, Poole, and the Goldfish get launched with a slingshot by a giant finger. Angry Birds, anyone?

  • Poole is seen wearing a helmet with two balloon attached to it, just like from Balloon Fight.
  • A purple Cheep-Cheep from the Super Mario Bros series appears in the background.

  • When the band sneaks past the Storm-Trooper cats, the building resembles the game Elevator Action.

  • The band members have to jump over an alligator-infested pond in a similar way to the game Pitfall.

  • The trio jump around on isometric blocks, just like Q*bert.

  • Peter, Poole, and the Goldfish all appear on screen in a similar style as the “all-out attack” from Persona 3 and 4.

  • Achievement Unlocked! If you pause the video precisely at the 0:58 mark, you'll see this Easter Egg. Why would anyone pause this video frame by frame, anyway?


  • When the goldfish knocks the Storm Trooper Cat into the sky, he turns into a Starman, the star-shaped power-up from the Super Mario Bros series.

  • A Hadoken fireball is thrown in what appears to be Blanka's stage from Street Fighter II.

  • A Dragon Punch (aka Shoryuken) from the Street Fighter series is performed as a finishing move on that Storm Trooper cat.

  • Poole hits a “!” block from below to get a power-up, just like Mario.

  • The wanted levels are similar to the ones in the Grand Theft Auto series.

  • The town map looks like a Pac-Man maze.

  • The graphics from the driving sequences are similar to those from Minecraft.

  • The use of “The Orange” cardboard boxes and sneaking around in them are from the Metal Gear Solid series.

  • Famous Video Game Characters hanging out at the Smooth Jazz Club! Patrons here include Donkey Kong, R2D2, Bowser, Meowth, and (Although she's not really a video game character) Hello Kitty.

  • The band members disguise themselves as Hello Kitty with facial hair, A Meowth/T-800 hybrid, and Felix the Cat with an eyepatch.

  • Play him off, Keyboard Cat!

  • A pissed Angry Bird, Donkey Kong, and Darth Vader try to murder the guys from the band.

  • A giant Pac-Man chases away an Angy Bird

  • Poole performs E. Honda's Thousand-Hand Slap from Street Fighter II.

  • Donkey Kong gets the receiving end of Zangief's Pile Driver from Street Fighter II.


  • Darth Vader gets the infamous spine rip fatality from the Mortal Kombat series.

  • The Angry Bird gets a saxophone thrown at its face in a setting similar to Nintendo's Duck Hunt.

  • A weird blue creature that looks like Bart Simpson appears on the lower-right corner of the screen.

  • Bomberman (or should it be Bombercat?) makes a cameo and does what he does best– blow stuff up.

  • Cactuar from the Final Fantasy series appears after the Smooth Jazz Club explodes.

  • Parappa the Rappa's beenie is worn by one of the characters after the explosion.

  • The ghosts from Pac-Man run in fear after the club explosion

  • Katamari Damacy's The Prince appears from the ground, rolling a spherical golden mass.

  • The golden ball goes through a series of loops that are similar to the ones in the Sonic the Hedgehog series

  • The Mech that the band appears in looks like Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • The Final Boss looks like Garfield

  • The Final Boss battle looks like the many fights between Mario and King Koopa.

  • Looks like one of the MANY “Our Princess is another castle” screens from Super Mario Bros.
  • “A WINNER IS YOU” is a horribly translated line from the video game “Pro Wrestling.”

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