ETN: Chicken “Tom Kha Gai” from Journeyman’s Food & Drink

Tom Kha Gai from Journeyman's
Prix-fixe goals. Anne Marie Panoringan

Committing to a prix-fixe menu is a slippery slope. On the one hand, you’re getting a value by agreeing to a set number of courses at an agreed upon price. On the flip side, you’re also putting your trust in a condensed number of dishes to choose from— many times, you’re at the whim of “Chef’s Choice”. At recently opened Journeyman’s Food & Drink, prix-fixe dining is your only option. However, with four options for each of your four courses, there is more freedom than a typical set menu.

Our favorite taste during dinner was in the third course. With chicken plated four (or was it five?) different ways, Chef Zachery Geerson’s take on Tom Kha Gai is directly influenced by his wife’s Thai background. Infused with rich flavors of mushroom, coriander and coconut, it is a taste and texture revelation that both respects the classic preparation, but also takes it to another level. Then again, Geerson manages to do the same with all his other courses. Journeyman’s $75 meal is for the diner ready to take a chance and place their trust in something special.  We have no regrets. 

1500 S. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, (714) 635-9025;

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