Escort Eats

Angelic Angela, 27, escort girl, gift of gab, sparkling personality, experience with foodstuffs in and out of the boudoir.

OC Weekly: First thing's first, describe your look. Angela: I kind of look like Cameron Diaz. I'm five-feet-seven and about 120 pounds with blond hair, blue eyes and a tan. My ad says, “Beach Goddess,” which I think is accurate. Have you ever used food during sex?

Only with a boyfriend. Ice cubes are good—either in your mouth or up inside you. I've done both, but it's not something I'd do with just anyone.

Sounds pretty cold.

Only at first, but then you get used to it, and the end result is pretty amazing.

So, do your clients ever take you out to swank restaurants?

Usually, I'm at home, but, like tomorrow, there's this guy who's going to take me and three other girls over to the Arches for a big dinner. He has a bottle of wine from 1956 he's going to open up.

Have you been to the Arches before?

Yes, it's really nice—red and dark, with these big red booths. Very old-fashioned. The same guy took my girlfriends and me to Morton's, and we had all this amazing food. Like bacon wrapped around scallops. Mmm, delicious.

Where do you go when you've had a long day and just want to hang?

The Yard House. I like to go there on a Thursday night with friends. They have this great pear-walnut salad and great pizza. All their appetizers are good. The lettuce wraps, especially. It's cool to get a bunch of appetizers to share and drink beer. There's loud music and a good-looking crowd. The bar's in the middle, like a big circle. One of us will say, “I'm gonna do a lap,” then go around the bar and check everybody out.

You ever hook up?

Sometimes. Usually, we'll leave around 10:30 or 11 p.m. and head over to Josh Slocum's. Of course, Dennis Rodman's always there. He'll get on the mic and yell, “Everybody, get the fuck out!” He's so rude. But he used to buy everyone free Jger shots. Like, they'd say, “Free Jger for the next 10 minutes!” That was pretty cool. I don't think he's done that in a while.

What do you eat at home, like when you're waiting for a customer?

Well, today, I had so many phone calls I didn't eat until 5:15! I just threw together some scrambled eggs with cheese, some turkey and an English muffin. I'm big on eggs. I can whip something up pretty fast with them. Also, I'm so into leftovers it's not funny.

Usually, I bring them home after eating out.

Do you ever feed your clients? Do they ever ask for food or something involving food?

Usually, there's not much food involved in what I do. Well, they aren't hungry for food.

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