Episode 6

If there were any doubts that real estate developer Kirsten Cohen's mega-rich father was not patterned after Irvine Co. chairman Donald Bren, they're blown out the proverbial poop chute on this installment of The O.C. Like Bren, Caleb Nichol runs a company–the Newport Group–that owns most of Orange County, has a 24-year-old bombshell dangling from his arm and is referred to by one character as “the Donald Trump of the West.” Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we refer you to a variety of business magazine and mainstream newspaper stories over the years that have referred to our man Bren as everything from “the Donald of the West” to “a horizontal Donald Trump.”

After Kirsten is kinda fired, kinda quits, The O.C.'s would-be Trump gives her the don't-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-ass treatment–but all is well by show's end. Not so for reformed Chinoan Ryan and the Newport girl of his dreams, Marissa. After walking in on Ryan sorta banging Nichol's honey, Marissa runs off to lose her virginity to stud muffin Luke. To further prove we've entered bizarro world, Ryan's nerdy surrogate brother Seth seems poised finally to score with Summer. Hey, whatever happened to Anna Stern, the girl Seth hooked up with in Episode 4 after Summer ditched him for Luke?

Christ, we've gotta get out more.

LINE OF THE WEEK: “You're still smoking the weed, aren't you?” Caleb to Sandy Cohen, who discloses his family wants to leave OC for Berkeley.

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