Elephants + Man: A Litany of Tragedy

One of the most annoying things about dumb animals is their inability to understand the worth of their own body parts. Blubber is utterly wasted on whales, fins on sharks, shells on turtles and—duh!—ivory on elephants. Fortunately, a human is always right around the corner carrying a big knife or gun to rescue these precious treasures from being squandered. At this screening and Q&A event, however, you’ll find out what really goes on between man and the pachyderms he keeps in captivity—and while it’s going to depress the hell out of you, make you cry and rant, it also brings awareness to the related atrocities. And all proceeds benefit our majestic, incredibly docile friends. Do your part and spread the word.

Sat., March 5, noon, 2011

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