Electronic Meat

Electronic Meat: a silly name for a band with a cool sound. We don’t get their carbon-based ion-associated moniker, but then again, “iony” can be a subtle business. Hailing from Fullerton, this group plays some lovely and lilting pop songs. On the early bars of the tune “Paris,” singer Zack McIntire tickles the ivories while sounding a tad like Paul McCartney circa “Hey Jude.” And while the song starts out sporting a maudlin vibe, it abruptly introduces an inspirational chord change with a chorus of voices singing over the top. And we’re suckers for a good chorus. This band is worth giving a listen to, even if they choose to play Christian venues like BIOLA university. On the plus side, they’ll be playing the Prospector with Uncle Ashram and the excellent pop-tacular stylings of Deep Sea Diver.

Tue., Sept. 28, 9 p.m., 2010

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