Elder Abused [Hey, You!]

Illustration by Bob Aul

You are the adult children of the lady my dad has been taking care of in her home for more than 15 years. My dad had been lonely after my mom died and found someone he really loved, but they did not get married for legal and financial reasons. But then you took your 91-year-old mom out under the guise of bringing her to lunch, did not invite my dad, put her in a senior home and would not tell my dad where she is. Then you told him to get out of her house. 

He has his own house, but I’m not even sure he got all of his medications and his clothing. You all did NOTHING to lift a finger to help your mom through the years, yet you did this to both of them. My dad took care of your mom, and you rarely visited her. This is cruel and unusual punishment that borders on elder abuse. He is the only true friend she had all these years, and you will not let him visit? 

Thanks for leaving us with the pieces we have to help him pick up. There is a special place for you all. 

Send anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations—changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent—to le*****@oc******.com.

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  1. This doesn’t just border on elder abuse, it is emotional elder abuse of both your dad and the lady he took care of for so long.

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