Edible Gold-Flaked Cheese For The Holidays

What hostess gift says “Merry Christmas” better than White Stilton cheese studded with real gold leaf and flavored with Goldschläger?

If such a thing existed in Dickens' day, we're sure Ebeneezer Scrooge would have bought Tiny Tim an entire wheel of this cheese that costs £60 per 100 grams. Convert that to American, and that cheese will run you about USD$425 a pound before the airfreight from England.


Who needs gold-studded cheese? Well, it's been a rough year for the 1%, with Occupy This Or That wearing on their image, and there's no subtler way to say “fuck the poor” than to eat gold. We're not sure about the flavor pairing of tangy white Stilton plus cinnamon schnapps, but conspicuous consumption's never been about taste.

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