Eat This Now: The Original Cut Burger from The Cut

Few fast-food establishments — or even full-fledged restaurants — capture the euphoric bliss of a well-balanced burger quite like the Original Cut from the Cut, one of Orange County's newest food trucks. Humble in presentation, with no need for bougie ingredients, the burger is already one of the best in OC — and in the land of In-n-Out, Rider's Club, and TK Burgers, them's fighting words we're more than happy to brawl over.


The Original Cut is deceptive: just a patty, a shameless slathering of melted American cheese and the signature “cut splash” sauce. The beefy patty itself — ground fresh every day using 100 percent Angus chuck from humane, antibiotic-free cows — comes hand-packed. While the cheese and sauce do their part to make this hefty burger shine, the true heroes are the kosher dill pickles and the potato bun. The latter is delicately fluffy yet dense enough to keep the burger intact and is similar to a Hawaiian roll minus the sweetness: a perfect accent to the juicy beef.

Made to order, the Original Cut costs $9, which doesn't include fries or fried green beans. A little pricey? Maybe. But totally worth it for one of the best burgers you'll ever eat. Follow the Cut's Instagram (@thecuthcb), and keep those fingers crossed when going out to a local brewery that they're parked nearby.

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