Eat This Now: The Benedict Omelette From Egg Cracker

The folks over at Fullerton's Egg Cracker serve with a simple message: “Good friends just trying to make good food.” Above greasy spoon status, their clean, well-lit space works for group outings seeking not quite standard grub. And by not quite, we mean wild boar meatloaf, hot browns and campfire pancakes.


Our trio ordered a sharable selection of hits, yet it was an omelette that stole the show. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill, English muffin entree. Stuffed with both Canadian and Applewood bacon, it was off to a carnivorous start. Monterey Jack joined the party, followed by a drizzle of hollandaise and chives. We didn't miss the poached part, as our eggs blended together all the flavors like a well-crafted burrito. Each bite matched the previous. Now if only we were missing those calories…

The Egg Cracker is located at 901 Starbuck St, Ste M, Fullerton, (714) 870-0317;

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