Eat This Now: Greek Frittata at True Food Kitchen

When dining out is considered one's national pastime, we sometimes occasionally feel the need to eat somewhere health-conscious. Call it our alternative to that nasty cleansing diet when folks chug at lemon juice and cayenne until they go postal over the next person eating a French fry.

Assuming breakfast is the most important meal, brunch isn't far behind. That's how we ended up in the patio of True Food Kitchen. When you're famished, standing around waiting for your name to be called isn't an option. My only concern was whether items marked 'v' (vegan) or 'gf' (gluten-free) were gonna taste better than they sounded.

Our open-faced veggie omelet appeared approachable, more arts & crafts collage than chic entree. The thin canvas of golden yolk was painted with juicy tomato and red onion slivers. Kalamata and feta did double duty on my salt craving. A sprinkling of oregano, and it teetered on pizza pie— minus the doughy crust. Yes, it tasted great . . . .and was less filling

Their unfluffy frittata was like a clean bill of health. What were you expecting from a doctor-approved establishment? But hey, we still had room for mojitos and a (banana, espresso, pistachio and date) muffin!

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