Eat This Now: Döner Fries at Ikram Bakery & Grill

Yum from Ikram! Photo by Gabriel San Román

We could never spill enough ink singing the praises of the Turkish restaurants that flourish in Fountain Valley—more than anywhere else in the county. One definite stop on your tummy’s tour of the city’s de facto “Little Istanbul” is Ikram Bakery & Grill. Known best for its breads—from the yielding pide to the salted twirls of simit—the bakery is also a great place to grab a bigger bite to eat.

Two rotund spits spin chicken and beef döner, both of which will be stuffed between slices of pide or rolled into a wrap. For hungrier appetites, Ikram serves up meat platters with a side of rice, zesty onions, cucumber and tomato slices. But toward the end of its mighty menu lies döner fries. Order the Ikram Special and choose between beef and chicken toppings. Shredded mozzarella quickly melts atop a smoldering pile of golden, crisply fried, julienned potatoes. Next comes the heaping of meats shaved off the spits.

The beef döner is of a fattier variety, with a welcomed greasiness. Drizzling the döner fries with chile paste and Ikram’s special shawarma sauce is a must. The two opposing flavors—fiery and refreshing—come together in an unlikely culinary harmony. Add sliced red onions, tomatoes and pickled turnips if desired, but whatever the stack, döner fries are filling enough to be a meal unto themselves.

Who said a plate of meat and potatoes had to be boring?

Ikram Bakery & Grill, 9895 Warner Ave., Ste. F, Fountain Valley, (714) 964-5726;

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