Eat This Now: Customizable Churros at The Loop

If you’re still obsessing over Disneyland’s famous churros, you haven’t been in the loop—literally. Named after the shape of the handcrafted churros they offer, The Loop puts a twist on the Mexican dessert—again, literally.

This Little Saigon churro shop, which just wrapped up its grand opening weekend, sticks out like…well…a churro shop in Little Saigon. The line of people singing along to “Sorry” by Justin Bieber stretches far beyond the doors of the neighboring salon, causing rubberneckers cruising down Bolsa to slam on their breaks more often than not. They’re all drawn by the welcoming aroma of fried cinnamon wafting out of the small storefront, and by The Loop’s promise: endlessly customizable craft churros. 
Want it dipped? A plain churro gets accompanied by a thick sauce of dulce de leche, Nutella, strawberry, or tiramisu. A buck more gets the churro glazed. Coat the treat in either chocolate, white chocolate, Matcha, or strawberry. For an extra crunch, top it off with either almonds, crumbled Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, or sprinkles—or all four. Looking for a next-level churro? Check out “chilled,” a churro stuffed in soft serve, doused with syrup and filled with toppings ranging from Caramel Pop, Cookie and Cream, Cheesy Berry, Choco Puff, or customize your own for $5.50. Wash it down with iced jasmine or Thai tea, house coffee, or hot chocolate. Each drink comes covered in thick sea salt cream or salted cheese cream, whatever the delicious hell that is.
Regardless of choice, the churro will feature a warm, crispy outside, and an even hotter, gooey inside—great, all of it. By the time you finish scarfing one down, you’ll think you’re in dessert heaven. But as you approach those big white gates, you realize it’s really just the entrance to a Vietnamese strip mall. 

The Loop, 9729 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, (714) 713-8570;

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