Eat This Now: Any Pizza at Vinny’s Italian Restaurant

Next time you’re driving down Lambert Road in La Habra, look out for Vinny’s Italian Restaurant in the industrial plaza across the street from the always-packed In-N-Out burger drive-thru—you know the one. Come around dinnertime, though, and you’ll see the restaurant almost as crowded. Pizza pan stands holding fresh 12- to 16-inch pizzas lord over the tables at the family-owned eatery known for dishing out the best pies and traditional Italian dishes in town.

What makes Vinny’s pizzas superior to their competitors is their freshness and heft. A margherita pizza (misspelled as “margarita” on the menu, but who’s paying attention? has thick layers of marinara with fresh roma tomato slices and the perfect amount of garlic oil. Sweet basil and gooey mozzarella cheese top this decadence. You can also customize your toppings or pick from a menu of eleven specialty pizzas—get the pastrami mustard pizza and revel in its tangy yet savory awesomeness.

Vinny’s Italian Restaurant, 2101 E. Lambert Rd., La Habra, (562) 694-3400.

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