Eat LBC Coming March 30

Weeklings give a lot of love to our bordering Long Beach eateries. Sarah Bennett is the team's LBC specialist, featuring a new joint each week on the blog. With so many places to choose from, it gets tough to decide. Two women took it upon themselves to level the playing field, founding the Long Beach equivalent to our restaurant weeks: Eat LBC.

If price was a reason why you haven't gotten around to visiting Simmzy's, James Republic or The Attic– look no further. The specials coming at the end of March should be enough incentive to step out of that comfort zone. With just beyond 50 establishments on board, Eat LBC plans to be the city's largest dining event to date.


While not every menu is up and ready for viewing, places like Michael's on Naples and The Sky Room tease you with their options. Both restaurants are offering 3-course, $38 specials for those with deep pockets. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, The Federal Bar features a $26, 3-course spread.

Beginning Sunday, March 30, diners will have all week to enjoy the specials. On their website, participating Eat LBC restaurants are sorted by neighborhood. Reservations are always recommended, but not required.

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