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Green Juice and a Master Cleanse at Gratitude Kitchen & Bar. Photo by Greg Nagel

Recently, a health-nut friend recommended I do a master cleanse as well as add some more green juices into my diet. “No problem,” I thought, as those are the names of two cocktails offered at Newport Beach’s Gratitude Kitchen & Bar, a hip and airy place where the number of yoga instructors outnumber dad bods such as mine at least 21 to one.

Ceci n’est pas une cheesecake. Photo by Greg Nagel

And then I said five words I’ve never said at a bar: “I’ll have a master cleanse.” Bow-tied bartender Dylan Veit, who has been with Gratitude since it opened, combined mezcal, ancho chile, limoncello and maple syrup in a Boston shaker, then strained the results over a foggy square of ice in a rocks glass, garnishing with a lemon peel. The other master cleanse, in which people fast on nothing but lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, sounds like torture compared to this inventive, creative cocktail. “Do you think I could lose weight with a diet of only this?” I ask Veit, who chuckles.

Love, Indian style: sweet potato samosa special with yummy chutney. Photo by Greg Nagel

Veit comes in early each day to get the bar prepped. “This is a unique bar program, for sure,” he says. “Pressing organic fruits and veggies for drinks gives us a lot of fresh flavors. . . . Not only that, but they’re also nutritious.”

Two drinks highlighted by this process are the Green Juice and the Can’t Be Beet.

I Am Sour, a whiskey sour with chamomile. Photo by Greg Nagel

Green Juice is a bright-green, boozy, health bomb with spinach, cucumber, celery, kale, pineapple, mint and lime; they’re amped up to another level with both gin and aquavit. Can’t Be Beet is a blazing violet blend of carrot, orange, turmeric, lime, beet and mezcal. Before I tried it, I’d have bet cold hard cash beets mixed with mezcal would be hot garbage. But damn, these drinks are fire. They’re not only balanced, nutritious and boozy, but they’re also sexy. Just don’t spill any on your yoga mat.

Can’t be Beet, with smoky mezcal. Photo by Greg Nagel

I didn’t realize Gratitude was a vegan restaurant until I saw the menu, on which classic veggie dishes from around the globe are highlighted with affirming names to use while ordering. There’s Terrific, a raw version of a pad Thai kelp noodle salad with an almond twist, and Humble, an Indian dish that ends up being a hearty curry bowl with red lentil dal and creamy roasted garnet yams that light up your palate with heartwarming freshness.

The Sharing: secret nachos. Photo by Greg Nagel

Another thing I didn’t expect was a secret menu item I somehow unlocked: Avocado, black beans, pickled carrots, cilantro and vegan crema are piled high atop savory, house-made, crispy tortilla chips. This plate of nachos is appropriately called the Sharing, which was damn hard to do with the tasty, carnitas-like mushrooms scattered like tinsel on a Christmas tree. I could possibly go vegan if food and drinks such as these were available everywhere.

Gratitude Kitchen & Bar, 1617 Westcliff Dr., Ste. 112, Newport Beach, (949) 386-8100;

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