EDGE CYCLESPORTSSpecializing in equipment for road cyclists and triathletes, Edge features the highest-quality frames, accessories and apparel, as well as the most complete selection of triathlon gear in Orange County. Dedicated and accomplished athletes themselves, Edge staffers are uniquely qualified to share their expertise on technical issues and to offer advice that will allow you to derive the most benefit from your training and racing. Quick and thorough, their turnaround on maintenance is second to none, ensuring you will be back on your bike as soon as possible. But stay a while and have a cup of coffee with Hank and crew, who love to ride as much as you do. 23582 Moulton Pkwy., Laguna Hills, (949) 472-9497.

EL CARGADERO Countless Mexican ranchos have relocated en masse to Orange County during the past 30 years, each with a remarkable story. But El Cargadero, Zacatecas, tops all of them. The first pioneers settled in Anaheim as early as 1906, and the exodus has continued since from a town whose population never numbered more than 1,000. Today, more than 1,000 cargaderenses live in Anaheim, with many marrying among themselves, ensuring a strong cargaderense identity. El Cargadero is also the birthplace of Andrs Bermdez, the Mexican immigrant who made history last year by being the first migrant to win an election in Mexico when he became president of the municipality of Jerez. Although Bermdez doesn't live here, his brother does, and Bermdez did spend some time in Anaheim during the 1970s. The reason Bermdez won was because of the Anaheim-based El Cargadero Social Club, which is widely acknowledged as the most successful benefit association in Zacatecas. Further study of local ranchos: San Nicolas Tenexcalco (Huntington Beach) Sahuayo (Santa Ana); El Granjenal (Santa Ana) . . . ah, the whole damn city of Santa Ana is Michoacn. EL TORO Y, THEThe point where the 5 and 405 freeways meet in Lake Forest, which was called El Toro before Lake Forest incorporated. “Toro” translates from Spanish to “bull,” which, followed by the English slang word for feces, is one of the things motorists call snarled Y traffic. Golden State and San Diego Freeways, Lake Forest. EMO What the cool Christian kids listen to now. See also: Ska. EVANS, BILL When people get all misty-eyed talking about how great OC punk used to be, they aren't talking about the no-talent grab-assing of the mid-to-late '90s. And they're not talking about the skinhead shows—and if they are, why the hell are you talking to them in the first place? They're talking about guys like Bill Evans and his band, the Naughty Women. The first band ever banned from the legendary Masque in Hollywood, the Naughty Women are so unfuckwithably punk that one of their songs was on G.G. Allin's answering machine when he fucking died. And Mike Ness was their roadie before he had either tattoos or cowboy hats. And they had a reputation for hurling objects wrapped in barbed wire—like, um, midgets—into the audience. In Bill's current incarnation, he runs Black Hole Records in Fullerton, where he's behind the counter so often you might start to wonder whether he still has legs.

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