Duck Soup

Considered a lesser comedy from the Marx Brothers upon its release in 1933, Duck Soup has since received much critical re-evaluation and is now hailed as their grand masterpiece. Starring the stellar three – and brother Zeppo in his final film appearance – the story is the usual horsefeathers and cultural heresy, with Groucho appointed dictator of the country of Freedonia by the illustrious Margaret Dumont, and waging war against his enemies with witty repartee, painful puns, and plenty of pelted fruits. There’s also the famous “mirror scene” in which Harpo, dressed like Groucho’s reflection, mimics his movements to minuet perfection – a gag that was later referenced in an equally famous I Love Lucy skit between Harpo and Ball. Go see it on the big screen and revel in the simplicity of brilliance and the sagacity of sight gags.

Wed., March 11, 7:30 p.m., 2015

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