Dublab's 24-Hour “No Sleep Session” Marathon Broadcast Starts Now!

Our favorite 501(c)3 internet radio station dublab is deep into their Proton Drive fundraiser and they need your help to reach their $20,000 goal!

We love dublab and we know you do too; frosty and ale and the labrat crew bring the most beautiful and inspiring new sounds from LA and beyond to the rest of the world and they do it for you entirely for free! Today is the last day of the drive, so there's no better time to show your support to the hardest working radio station on the planet.

Give a Proton Grant to help keep dublab running, and receive fantastic Flash Packs from Stones Throw, Incase, Dangerbird, Goldenvoice, Sub Pop, and tons more. You can even snag an Amoeba shopping spree, dublab studio tour, and an Intelligentsia coffee break with the dublab crew!

Today, at noon, they launch their 24-Hour “No Sleep Session” marathon broadcast. Tune in from noon til 8 a.m. to hear some killer artists playing special live sets just for you.

Full schedule below:

Noon-2pm: Secret Circuit
2-3pm: Divine Chord Gospel Show
7-8pm: Diva
9-10pm: Derelict
6-7am: Ssaliva
8-9am: Sodapop
9-10am: Lucky Dragons (live)
(Pacific Standard / GMT -7)

Visit, listen to and donate to dublab at dublab.com.

“Film Flash” by Ori Toor from dublab on Vimeo.

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