DragonForce Wants YOU!

They're as epic as their name sounds. They're what you would get if you could combine Dethklok, Katamari, and Journey. And they're getting all Rockstar on your double bass petal, dropped-tuned ass… 

Remember that VH1 movie, where super fan Marky Mark became the lead
singer of his favorite metal ban using his fierce falsetto? That can be

DragonForce gave lead singer ZP Theart the ax, citing the old stand-by, “insurmountable differences of musical opinion.” 

Now they are looking for a “powerful, melodic singer to write a new chapter of DragonForce with, ” announced guitarist Herman Li.

Anyone can apply at DragonForce.com, though not everyone can ROCK THAT HARD, especially when your backing track is the original Super Mario Bros played 20 times faster than original speed.

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