Dr. Freeclouds Electronic Music Boutique

Top 10 selling records from Nov. 29 to Dec. 5 at Dr. Freecloud's Electronic Music Boutique, 2930 Bristol St., Ste. A-111, Costa Mesa, (714) 545-8811; www.drfreeclouds.com. Dr. Freecloud's is OC's source for electronic dance music and is currently celebrating 10 years in business.

1) Overcast, 3 PM Eternal LP (Bloody Fist)

2) Delta 9, “Night Stalker” 12-inch (Drop Bass Network)

3) DJ Fresh, “When the Sun Goes Down” 12-inch (Breakbeat Kaos)

4) Kaskade, “Steppin' Out” Remixes 12-inch (OM Records)

5) DAVE the Drummer, “Hydraulix 27” 12-inch (Hydraulix)

6) DJ Cam, Liquid Hip Hop LP/CD (Inflamable)

7) Cut Chemist, Tunnel Vision LP (Interscope)

8) Various Artists, OM Lounge 9 LP/CD (OM Records)

9) Andy C N DJ Hype, Fabric Live 18CD (Fabric)

10) Thievery Corporation, Outernational Sound CD (Eighteenth Street Lounge)

STAFF PICK: Ron D Core, “Mental Genocide” 12-inch (Epileptik): “This record is produced by the founder and co-owner of Dr. Freecloud's, which helped contribute to the popularity and sales of 100-plus copies from the beginning of 2004—and still selling! Even though this record is hardcore techno, it appealed to people from different musical tastes, mainly because of its production quality and layers of dark and haunting melodies.” (Ron D Core)

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