Dr. Dre Talks Legacy, In Illustrated Form

Ice Cube may have leaked the release date of Dr. Dre's new album, the soundtrack to Straight Outta Compton, during an interview with a Philly radio station on Wednesday.

“Dre is dropping an inspired album, inspired by Compton. He's dropping something on August 1,” Ice Cube told Power 99. “It's mega. It's Dr. Dre. It's what everybody has been waiting for. It's definitely a dope record, and he's dropping it all on the same day. It's crazy.”

However, according to Rolling Stone, multiple sources have said the album will be released at a later date than Saturday.

“The soundtrack is insane,” Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Grey told MTV. “You can hear some of his influences, with jazz and soul and a little bit of funk.”

The soundtrack will mark Dre's first album release in 15 years, both good and bad news for fans still waiting for Dre's Detox to drop. (Will Detox be shelved for good?–who knows).

Straight Outta Compton hits U.S. theatres August 14. We suspect this movie is going to crush box office records.

Here's what Dr. Dre has said about himself and his legacy. Quotation above via vibe.com.


–via parade.com

–via vibe.com

–via rollingstone.com

–via rollingstone.com

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