Downtown Disney to Get an Earl of Sandwich

Everyone knows the tale of the sandwich being invented as a way to eat during a card game, but it turns out the descendants of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, still have skin in that game. Fastforward 250 years, and the 11th Earl of Sandwich and family own a stake in the fast-food chain Earl of Sandwich, which will open a location in Anaheim's Downtown Disney this summer.

Janet Knox, general manager of the Downtown Disney District, reported today that Earl of Sandwich will bring its signature foods and beverages to the Disneyland Resort. Earl Grey tea-infused lemonade, anyone?

The Earl of Sandwich location in Orlando's Downtown Disney is that resort's most popular place to eat, and crowds pack the one at Euro Disneyland as well. Perhaps that's an ironic turnabout, since during John Montagu's stint as First Lord of the Admiralty, when his incompetence allowed the French fleet to sail uncontested into the English channel. Which goes to show you, 99 percenters: some folks do better work in food service than public service, even if they're born into the 1 percent.

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