Dory Deli To Open At Newport Pier

Who serves knishes, Kean coffee and quinoa kale burgers? That would be one Dory Deli, preparing to rise and shine at 6 a.m. on Monday, January 26. Previously housing Perry's Pizza and a barber shop, this maritime/Jersey shore space is far from your standard meat-and-bread spot.

After stepping foot inside on Monday to witness final inspection from the health department, a relieved Chris Rubinstein waited for an OC Baking Company delivery on their cozy patio. Besides the use of New York subway tiles to class up the kitchen, Chris explained what else makes them special.


It's a spot that caters to a variety of tastes. Children, vegans (think oyster mushroom po' boy and roasted cauliflower tossed in house buffalo sauce) and even early risers will find something that appeals to them. Sure, you can order old school, east coast Jewish deli sandwiches. Although we believe their nod to local Dory Fleet fisherman should be acknowledged by chomping on a bowl of cioppino or fish and Kennebec chips. Thirsty souls can not only caffeinate, but select from local drafts, wines, even retro bottles of pop.

Of the menu selections, a burger stuffed with goat cheese creme and fig preserves is their frontrunner for most popular. A typically uneventful red potato salad is made better when infused with smoky flavor. And let's not forget about breakfast with a side of humor. The “yoga pants” burrito includes egg whites, arugula, Pappadew peppers and Parmesan. Shaved steak, caramelized onions, roasted bell peppers and house made cheese whiz are found in the “sweat pants” burrito. Bagel disciples will appreciate a Benedict utilizing Shirley's Bagels.

Whatever the craving, Dory will find a compatible meal. With hours that will run late into the evening, make note that meters in the parking lot end at 6 p.m. One cappuccino and sweat pants to go, please!

Dory Deli is located at 2108 3/4 W Oceanfront, Newport Beach, (949) 220-7886;

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